Staying Sociable: Sociably Cindy’s Spokes-pet Search

So, I’ve had this idea in my head for a while, but I’ve just not implemented it.  I think it’s time.

I remember when I was working at YES FM, we had a Happy Meal toy that we were passing around to each other’s desks.  It was really funny.  You’d walk into your office and there it was.  THEN we had the purple frog that would find it’s way to random places in the halls and studio.  So much fun.

About a year ago, my friend Marion created a ‘spokes-puppet’ for her business “Fibre Moo w/Fibrenew“. 
It made us all at the networking event talking about what our ‘spokes-pet’ would be.

So these thoughts have made their way back into my mind over the last few weeks, and you know what – I’m just going to do it!

I’m looking for 2 things:

1 – suggestions on what my “Spokes-pet” should be
2- would you be willing to take your picture with it and pass it on?

I’d thought about a teddybear with a butterfly shirt/dress, and then put my logo on it – thoughts?

Then I was thinking of either just going around with it and taking pictures of it at my client’s and friend’s businesses.  Or do I get a few and pass them out saying “take a pic and pass it on”? 

So what to you think?

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