Finding Something To Do When There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

I shared my daughter’s story a few weeks ago.  The response was amazing.  So many people in the community stepping up to donate yarn, money, or their time, to make scarves for the homeless in our community.  It was a burden that could have only come from God.


I’ve had several people in my network approach me about taking it further – start a business? Start a non-profit? Do it as a hobby so they’re no pressure?  For me, having the goals in mind is what helped us to make 120 scarves in 5 week (not including 25+ were donated to our goal).

She wanted to take it further, but we really didn’t know what it looked like.  Until now.

At her bible study this week, she was informed that a classmate was diagnosed with cancer.  11 years old… my heart broke for the family, and I pray for healing and comfort in this time.  Samantha is a sensitive soul, and didn’t quite know how to process this news.  She was young when my father was sick, but has seen the toll it took on his body.  She struggled with how a middle school child gets such a scary disease.

Instead of dwelling on the sadness of it, we prayed about it.  We prayed for healing. We prayed for peace.  We prayed for the words to say when we see this friend.  And for God to give guidance.

It struck me, while in the car, coming home from church.  A local group, The Victory Center.  I’d had a meeting there, seeing how I could help with a marketing endeavor a few years ago.  I remember sitting in the waiting room, and there was a “giving tree” with hats.  I mentioned it to Samantha, who’s face lit up.  “Can we make some?”


Making hats is not like arm knitting scarves – they take more time and attention.  But of course I said yes.  We have some yarn, and we have some looms.  This weekend we’re going to attempt to learn to crochet.

We don’t have a goal in mind, yet, but again God has placed this in our hearts… How could we not answer.

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