How To Behave Around A Pregnant Woman, Part 2

How To Behave Around A Pregnant Woman, Part 2

As stated in a previous post, people now need baby-step by baby-step instructions for everyday interactions.  Especially around pregnant women.Now again, this is just my opinion, with input from some friends, but I think most pregnant women would agree.  Here is part 2 of my list.

Having a baby bump does NOT give you permission to rub my belly.  I know I mentioned this last post, but here are a few other reasons…

Babies in the womb are asleep 20 out of 24 hours a day… so you’re probably just feeling my belly.
Germs.  I don’t know where you’ve been, and you don’t know what my other kids have sneezed and coughed all over my mid-section.  Stay healthy, keep your hands to yourself.  It’s a nasty cold/flu season right now… I CAN’T get sick!

If you see a pregnant woman trying to dig her car out of the snow, help her.  I mean, common courtesy should dictate that if you see ANYONE stuck in the snow, you should help.  And a husband SHOULD have already dug his pregnant wife’s car out, and made sure the driveway was clear for her. But in the case that the snowplows pack 18 inches of snow at the end of a driveway, help a girl out!

If you see a pregnant woman walking quickly in the general direction of a bathroom, don’t try to stop her for a conversation.  I mean, common sense, if anyone is rushing to a bathroom, let them be.  But if you see a pregnant woman walking rather quickly, she’s either about to be sick or just got kicked in the bladder and really can’t stop to chit-chat.

Don’t ask “Are you sure it’s just 1 baby in there?”  The average woman should gain about 30lbs when they are pregnant.  Some “pop” earlier than others; sometimes the baby rests a certain way and for that moment Mommy looks bigger than she did 15 minutes earlier.  Especially if the mom has posted pictures of her 1 beautiful baby’s ultrasound, don’t ask if we’re sure we’re not expecting 2….  Women are vain (sorry, it’s true), and Mommyrexia is unfortunately a growing trend.  Help the mommy-to-be’s that you know to feel comfortable in their ever changing body: watch your words.

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