And P.O.T.S. Returns

December 2013

Had a bit of energy this week… I decided to try to make dinner myself.


While attempting to put a pot of taco meat on the table to make tacos for the kids, the room started spinning.  I had enough time to get the pot on the table and get into the living room before things went dark.

I don’t know how long I was out, only a few minutes I think.  But I stayed on the floor for a while, with my feet up.  Suddenly baby was moving frantically.  I was so scared.  Thankfully my nurse was on her way.  My blood pressure was 85/55, heartbeat slightly irregular.  Definitely a NCS/POTS episode.  I hadn’t had one in months, and this was the worst.  I had to take antibiotics when I got the blood clot a few weeks ago, and from what friends and doctors told me, antibiotics can mess up the system, even weeks later… yay.

Kate told me to take it easy for the next day or so, since I’d be seeing the doctor that week.  She gave me my 3rd shot – she was right, one hip hurts more than the other!

At my appointment, I was informed that I’d probably have to go back on the IV.  Probably not long-term, not yet at least.  But enough to get me rehydrated.

I’d gained 1 pound at my appointment, a good sign.  But liquids are still a big issue, and I’m still getting sick daily.  With Thanksgiving this week, I really just want to rest and enjoy time with my family… maybe some time at Mom & Dad’s will get me back on my feet.

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